Your business book

You’re an expert. You know what you’re doing. You’ve copious notes and handouts. You’ve years of experience, and now it’s time to demonstrate your credibility: Show what you know.

Your business book

Becoming an authority

Authoring a book or article in your area of expertise is a valid claim to authority. Consultants and service professionals market their businesses by referrals, networking, and speaking engagements. Think about the words author and authority. Effective writing is aimed at a specific readership. Who are you writing for?

Think about why people would read your book. You must write clearly for people who are new to your area of expertise. Your readers probably don’t have a lot of time, so make your information quick and easy to access. If something is enjoyable people are more likely to do it. Business writing can be serious without being somber, so make your writing lively, relevant and fun wherever you can.

Each book is as unique as its author. Today, some of the most popular business writers use a one- or two-page formula. A clear topic headline lets the reader know instantly what the subject is about. Short text isn’t intimidating, and a bold one or two sentences conclusion summarizes and reinforces the message.

Just say no to business jargon

Accessible business books use a relaxed and conversational style. Straightforwardness doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Your business book should be easy to read and understand, not some tome to pore over with furrowed brow. If you have to use an acronym, spell out what it means.

Demonstrate what you know. Write a book.