Writing and consulting


I write business books and articles for people who don’t have time to write. Please see more about ghostwriting here.

Writing and consulting

Improve your writing

Are you struggling to write? Regular one-hour phone coaching sessions can help you get to where you’re going faster. Do you need help with ideas or structure? Perhaps you’re stuck. There are methods of overcoming writer’s block. Writing is an art that needs constant practice, yet with regular effort you can do it.


Consulting is usually the first part of the writing process. It’s all about what to write, and who to write for. Are you finding it difficult to present your business offer? What you say, and what your target audience hears may not be the same thing. Are you telling the right story? How do you know? What action do you want your reader to take? Business writing has a specific purpose. You need to be clear about what that is.


As an add-on service for individuals wanting to promote their books, or small start-up companies needing a new website, I install and configure Joomla (the content management system (CMS) this website is using) and then teach them how to use it. This is an effective and low-cost way they take control of making changes and updates to their own website.