Identity Crisis Online – How Do You Manage Your Online Identity?

Joanna Young, blogger extraordinaire at Confident Writing, and now an official Business Blog Angel, raises an issue I’ve been thinking about lately – How do you manage your online identity?

Identity Crisis Online - How Do You Manage Your Online Identity

Which Blogging Hat Am I Wearing Today?

I notice this especially when I comment at other blogs. The URL I put depends on the topic, but as most of my blogs are business related, I could really put any one of them. I’m sure others must have the same “Which blogging hat am I wearing at the moment?” dilemma as I do.

Your Blogging Identity

As well as blogging here at my personal Grow Your Writing Business blog, I also blog professionally at Small Biz Mentor, Home Biz Notes and You Can Submit. I am a Staff Writer at a few other online venues and also do some ghost writing and ghost blogging (love that term!), as well as print media freelance writing and editing.

What About Your Sites Outside Your Professional Niche?

I also have some personal “just for fun” sites and blogs on lifestyle topics (food and travel), which have nothing to do with writing or business. You won’t find my name on any of these.

Who Am I Today?

I don’t have an online nickname (except as Aussie Writer on StumbleUpon and for some of my “just for fun” sites), as I want to be recognized as Yvonne Russell, freelance writer and blogger for hire. But with so many online URL’s, the where am I? who am I today? dilemma makes me wonder whether my online identity as a freelance writer and blogger is being diluted or worse still, becoming muddled and confused.

Professional Credibility

If someone associates you with business blogging, and the link takes them to your “just for fun” Star Wars collection site (no, I don’t have one of those), then does that pose a problem with your branding and credibility?

What About You? How Do You Manage Your Online Identity?

I know I often click on a blogger’s comment links or MyBlogLog Photo to learn more about their sites. I also follow familiar names back to their site, as it’s often a useful reminder that I haven’t visited in a while. What if their link takes me somewhere other than where I was expecting to end up? Does it really matter?

How about you?

What are your thoughts and experiences with consolidating your online identity, what you expect to find when you click on a familiar name or MyBlogLog photo? Or doesn’t it matter in the end, if everything you do is quality?

Yvonne’s Off The Topic Side Note – Ghost Blogging

For some added fun, try telling someone who knows nothing about blogging or what a blog is, that you are a “ghost blogger” when they ask you what you do…. I guaranteee some interesting reactions.