Book Review: “Kickass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps”

With this book you can! Author Susan Gunelius takes a somewhat complicated field and distills it down to ten steps without losing anything in the process.

About the Author

Susan Gunelius’ approach to copywriting comes from the inside. As a copywriter for several well-known companies, she was able to develop copy that accomplished the company’s bottom line: sell. This is an important distinction and a different approach than a copywriter from an ad or marketing agency may take, and one that, as Gunelius points out, lines up better with the potential agenda of her targeted reader.

Book Review:

Targeted Readers

Gunelius aims “Kick-ass Copywriting” at small and medium businesses who want to write their own ad copy. These businesses will be on the hook for campaigns from front-to-back, idea-to-hard-copy, a process with which Gunelius is familiar.

Freelance writers and readers of this website, on the other hand, will also benefit from the book. For one, those who want to get into this lucrative writing field will find the book to be an excellent primer. However, those who aim to publish in other areas of writing will still benefit, as it’s likely that your freelance career will need copy at one time or another, either in the form of web content, brochures about your business, or in the copy you use for your portfolio. “Kick-ass Copywriting” is a great tome for any freelance writers bookshelf, and is highly recommended!

About the Book

“Kick-ass Copywriting” starts off with a bang by combining a graphically pleasing format with clear, jargon-free information. The forward is given by industry expert Brian Clark of Copyblogger, and the book immediately delves into the ten steps that make up its best offering. These ten steps come in the form of 163 pages of pure and, yes, easy, instruction that is carefully explained and perfectly detailed.

Given that the ten steps are carefully illustrated by a case study of one small business, the book could in reality end here and still be valuable. But Gunelius goes on to provide a chapter of real world examples that expound on the ideas presented in the ten steps, and then onto a walk through of the sample again. Lastly, Gunelius provides an excellent glossary and appendix.

In fact, it is the appendix which will indeed make the sale for you (it did for me!). Using her ten steps, Gunelius provides an interactive section in which a newbie copywriter can apply them through a real or imagined campaign, giving the real-world experience that every new copywriter needs.

Overall, a superb tutorial, one that even internediate copywriters can use to polish up their craft, and highly recommended!