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         Family Portrait Digital Image & Print Packages

High resolution digital image packages on disk:

 1 image   £30

      5 images £75     

      10 images £125     

  20 images £175

        30 images  £225     

      40 images £300    

        All digital images £400      

Individual Prints on Quality Lustre* 

7x5     £20

6x6     £20

8x10     £30

8x8     £30

A4     £40

12x12     £40

* Minimum of three prints per order.

All prints are presented in a card mount (except 1.1 format)

High Quality Canvas

12x8     £125

16x24     £175

24x36     £225

NEW Square Magnetic Frames (including 25 prints)

 Below, I have a brilliant new product available which I believe is the answer to any indecisive person’s prayers. The 10 Square invention is a new type of frame… the ever-changing print frame.

With 25 (10x10cm) images you will never again get bored of the photos hanging on your wall, as all you need do is replace them with something new whenever it takes your fancy. Using the packs supplied with each frame, you can take your latest favourite image from the shoot, stick a new self-adhesive magnetic strip on the back and, voilà, your wall art is completely renewed!

There are 3 styles of high quality wood frame, from a single aperture to a square of nine apertures. The frames can be ordered in three colours of wood: off-white, black and white. Each frame comes with a standard double white textured mount, but you can choose either ivory or black linen background to suit your images.

Lay Flat Books

A premium quality bespoke 8"x8" flush mount album with hard cover and 20 thick lustre pages with up to 20 images of your choice, to treasure forever - £200.00

A premium quality bespoke 10″x10″ flush mount album with hard cover with 25 thick lustre pages and up to 30 images of your choice, to treasure forever - £250.00

One Vision Imaging Ltd Lay Flay Photo Books - Impress Range

*** Please allow 7 days for disk, USB and print delivery and up to 21 days for canvases, frames and lay flat books ***

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